Top 5 Horror movie will give you nightmare

1 Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a film for you if you are bored of zombie films set in the United States. It is also for you if you are looking for a refreshingly new take on the zombie genre. Bottomline is if you like zombie films, this is a must watch. Get this: zombies are wreaking havoc in South Korea. A few passengers of a train travelling to – you guessed it – the city of Busan get infected, turn into mindless cannibals and begin eating their fellow passengers. Nothing unusual in this, but Train to Busan gets its thrill factor dead right. The zombies may be mindless, but they are physically as strong and fast in a superhuman way and the train setting create lots of heart stopping moments. Make sure to see this in Korean with English subtitles.

2 The Others

Nicole Kidman is an amazing artiste. And her performance in The Others is massively underrated. She plays the possessive mother of two children who live in a remote house. Her children are extremely sensitive to light and must be kept out of natural light all the time and are able to see only by the light of candles. Three servants arrive at their house and strange things begin to happen. The ending of The Others is absolutely mind-boggling, but what comes in between is creepy too. You do not see what is haunting the house, but you feel the presence. It is tantalising. There is a hint, a suggestion. Rarely anything concrete. Some may find the pace slow, but whatever happens stay till the end. That’s when everything becomes upside down.

3 The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a classic. Not a horror classic, just a straight-up classic. And as a result, everyone knows the same pieces of trivia about its production (director William Friedkin would sometimes shoot off blanks on set to keep everyone on edge, he violently slapped one priest-actor in order to get a more emotionally raw performance, Regan’s vomit was made of pea soup and oatmeal) and reception. But there are so many more wonderful anecdotes about that film and its four sequels (or rather, two sequels and two prequels) to be had. We combed several director commentaries, making-of documentaries, and read several autobiographies to find the following tidbits. So read on. The power of Christ something something …

4.Let the Right One In

A vampire film which reinvigorated the genre. Let the Right One In is set in a Swedish suburb and is a story of a meek and bullied boy. He meets a female vampire of his age and forms a bond with her for he sees himself in her – a lonely person. The film is bloody and gory and well-made. The performances by the two child actors is superb. Another of the film’s strengths is its art design. While it makes it beautiful to look at, it also makes it a little disturbing at times. There is a an American remake too, which is quite good in its own right. But can’t hold a candle to the Swedish original.


Even good horror films are considered bad films for they employ cliches and worn out tropes to scare people. Sinister is not revolutionary in this regard. But it is a well-acted, directed and terrifying film that is more than worth its 110 minutes. Ellison Oswalt writes stories on true crimes and thinks he’s doing the world a service. He moves into a house where a horrible crime has occurred and finds a disturbing footage and things take a terrible turn.


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