5 Things you should never Google

1.4 Girls Finger Paint

“Oh, how nice, some young ladies expressing themselves artistically and enjoying an afternoon of… OH SWEET LORD NO!!!!” That would’ve been your reaction if someone had fooled you into Googling this. But now, I have spared you the trauma.

In what was commonly referred to as a “sequel” of sorts to famed Internet shock video “2 Girls 1 Cup” (a video of two young women using each other like a port-a-potty), “4 Girls Finger Paint” features a quartet of women painting themselves and one another using their own f***s. Not grossed out yet? Don’t worry! They eventually find a way to work some vomit in there as well.

2.Lemon Party

A site called “Lemonparty.org” features a video clip of 3 elderly gentlemen in a bed together kissing and then engaging in oral sex. Because of its innocuous sounding name (which is also shared by a “frivolous” Canadian political party!), Lemonparty is one of the most popular gross out memes online.

This is one of the few items on this list to receive any kind of real mainstream attention. It even scored a subtle mention on an episode of “30 Rock”:

3.Blue Waffle

This is one of those cases where, if you search with Google’s “Safe Search” mode enabled, you will simply get some pictures of blueberry waffles and a few weird PhotoShopped images of actual blue waffles. But turn “Safe Search” off and grab hold of something, because you’re about to get a lesson in severe vaginal infections!

In March of 2010, a photo of what appears to be a woman’s severely infected vagina appeared on the Internet. Though it could potentially be an advanced, particularly gruesome form of vaginitis, there has been significant speculation that the image is a fraud and part of an Internet hoax. (No actual women have come forward to “claim” the photo, and it has yet to appear in any sort of reputable medical or scientific journal). Regardless of whether the image is real or not, it’s still super gross and you definitely shouldn’t look it up.

4.Tub Girl

Tub Girl is arguably the most infamous image on the Internet, a title it shares with the entry in the #2 spot. It stars an overweight Japanese woman wearing a mask. She’s projecting diarrhea into the air, and as we all learned from Galileo or maybe Isaac Newton or somebody… what goes up inevitably comes down. In this case, all over poor poor Tub Girl. Some have suggested, due to the orange-ish discoloration of the excrement, that it may contain materials other than human f***s. If you would like to know more details about this controversy, please get off the Internet for a while and do something else. You’ve had quite enough for now.

5.Hungry Bitches

2 Girls 1 Cup is actually a trailer for a 2007 Brazilian fetish-themed pornographic film called “Hungry bitches.” The clip features – just as the pseudonym implies – 2 women alternatingly defecating into a cup and then consuming said excrement. Like “4 Girls Finger Paint,” they also manage to work some vomit in there, just so no one feels left out. By the Fall of 2007, the footage was simply everywhere online, and it helped to kick off the popular trend of “reaction videos” on YouTube, where people would film themselves trying to watch “2 Girls 1 Cup” and recording their disgust. Possibly for the benefit of future generations.


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