How To Create A Website – Step by Step Guide

Step 1 Choose Your Domain Name

The domain name is what people will type into their web browser to get to your site ( The Domain name Is depend on what type of website you want to make

Your domain name should unique make sure that the domain name you selected si not trade mark of other website you can google to check that

The domain name you are going to choose should be eye-catchy and memorable so its easy to user to remember it or they will visit your site and increase your traffic :p

Now how to get a domain? 

There are several website like Godaddy,Bigrock. But ill suggest you to go for godaddy you can get your first domain at RS.99 Only.JUst go to search for your domain if the domain is available then fill your information and Buy it

Step 2 Choose Your Platform

The platform is also known as Content Management System, is where you can write your blogs post s,add new pages and design your website without knowing any programming skills cool know :p

Platform is main part of your website like Tree is strong when rots are…exaclty you have to choose perfect platform to make your website strong as you can see below fig half of the world using WordPress as CMS

there are other CMS available but worpress is one of the best and easy to install .WordPress is totally free, making it an incredibly cost-effective platform.


Step 3 Choose Hosting Provider

After choosing your platform, the first step making your website is to give your site a home (cue Happy Gilmore screaming, “Go to your home!”).

A website is nothing more than a collection of files, and these files need to be stored somewhere. Every blog post is a file. Every image is a file. Everything associated with your website is a file of sorts, and they all need to be organized properly and stored in a safe location so other people can access them.


Ill suggest you to use Hostgator My own website use Hostgator server

When picking a hosting company, there are a few things to pay attention to:

Uptime and Reliability

This isn’t as big a deal as it used to be, but it’s still important to pay attention to. The hosting company should offer almost 100% uptime, meaning that your website will be accessible all the time.

Customer Service

If you have problems with your website, and you inevitably will, you’re going to want an outstanding customer support team.

If not, you’ll end up banging your head against the wall as you wait for them to try to fix it. Or you’ll end up on hold for 18 straight hours, all the while being told by a robotic voice that, “Your call is important to us”.

When picking a hosting package, look for details about the customer support team. You want to know that the support team will always be available.

If the customer support team isn’t always available, you could be in significant trouble if your site crashes. And depending on the purpose of your site, a crash could mean lost revenue. You want support that is available and easy to work with.

Step 4 Choose Hosting Provider

To Create a Website with WordPress (or Joomla and Drupal), using One Click Installation:

  • Log in to your hosting account. So, if you signed up with BlueHost, go to their site and login. Easy, right?
  • Go to your “Control Panel”.
  • Search for the software installation app
  • Look for the WordPress or “Website” icon.
  • Choose the domain where you want to install your website. For example, if you purchased the domain “”, select that domain. If you purchased two domains, select the one you want to install your website.


Step 5 Install Your Theme

You’re almost there! You’ve almost built your website from scratch. Are your fingers trembling with excitement?

Now we just need to pick out a theme.

The theme determines the look and feel of your site. All the colors, layout, and design are from the theme. Yes, you can change those things, depending on the flexibility of the your theme, but the overall structure of your site comes from your theme.

The good news is that there are themes available for just about any type of business. Lawyer? Yep. Podcaster? Sure. Combat juggler? Probably! If you can’t find a free theme that you like, there are loads of relatively cheap, well-designed ones for purchase.

Let’s look at how to install a great theme within each of the platforms mentioned above.

 Installing A WordPress Theme

When you install WordPress, a default theme is installed. Of course, you can stick with that one if you want, but that’s no fun. You want to install a theme that reflects who you are and what you do. If you’re an elegant person, your theme should be elegant. If you’re a punk rocker, choose a punk rock theme. You’ve got thousands of options on WordPress.

You’ve got several options when it comes to selecting a WordPress theme. First, you can install a theme directly within the WordPress platform.

Go to “Appearance > Themes” in the side menu, and then click “add new” at the top.

There a number of filters, such as number of columns, popularity, newest, etc. Take some time to look around and find a theme you like.

Click anywhere on the theme thumbnail to activate a preview of the theme. The preview will give you a sense of what the theme will look like once you install it.

If you dig the preview, click “Install” to install the theme.

Step 6 Create Content

Adding Pages

 Your site is going to need a variety of pages, such as an “About” page or a “Hire Me To Be A Clown At Your Child’s Birthday Party” page. A page can be about whatever you want. That’s the freedom of running your own website!

It’s really simple to add a page.

In the sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard, click “Pages” -> “Add New”.


Adding Blog Posts

 If you’re starting a blog, you’ll obviously need to know how to add blog posts to your site. Like adding pages, it’s incredibly simple.

Create a blog post by going to “Posts -> Add New”. Once you’ve finished writing the post and adding images, simply add the right category for it. You can create a new category by clicking on “Add New Category”. If you don’t add a category, it will be added to the category “Uncategorized”, which may work just fine.

This is it no extra coding skill needed Now you just have to select your theme and start uploading posts.If you have any questions Please ask them in comment.

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Thank You

Hi there! I am Author at FreakTrick and Certified Ethical Hacker . My skills includes Ethical Hacking,Android,Html,  and lot more. If you have any idea that you would want me to Write Anthing? Let me Know :

Aniket Tawde

Hi there! I am Author at FreakTrick and Certified Ethical Hacker . My skills includes Ethical Hacking,Android,Html,  and lot more. If you have any idea that you would want me to Write Anthing? Let me Know :

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