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What Is Ethical Hacking


Hacking has been a part of computing for almost five decades and it is a very broad discipline, which covers a wide range of topics. The first known event of Hacking had taken place in 1960 at MIT and at the same time, the term “Hacker” was originated.

Hacking is the act of finding the possible entry points that exist in a computer system or a computer network and finally entering into them. Hacking is usually done to gain unauthorized access to a computer system or a computer network, either to harm the systems or to steal sensitive information available on the computer.

Hacking is usually legal as long as it is being done to find weaknesses in a computer or network system for testing purpose. This sort of Hacking is what we call Ethical Hacking.

A computer expert who does the act of Hacking is called a “Hacker”. Hackers are those who seek knowledge, to understand how systems operate, how they are designed, and then attempt to play with these systems.


CEH V9:Certified Ethical Hacker V9 PDF download

1.CEHv9 Module 00.unlocked.pdf
2.CEHv9 Module 01 Introduction to Ethical Hacking.pdf
3.CEHv9 Module 02 Footprinting and Reconnaissance.pdf
4.CEHv9 Module 03 Scanning Networks.pdf
5.CEHv9 Module 04 Enumeration.pdf
6.CEHv9 Module 05 System Hacking.pdf
7.CEHv9 Module 06 Malware Threats.pdf
8.CEHv9 Module 07 Sniffing.pdf
9.CEHv9 Module 08 Social Engineering.pdf
10.CEHv9 Module 09 Denial-of-Service.pdf
11.CEHv9 Module 10 Session Hijacking.pdf
12.CEHv9 Module 11 Hacking Webservers.pdf
13.CEHv9 Module 12 Hacking Web Applications .pdf
14.CEHv9 Module 13 SQL Injection.pdf
15.CEHv9 Module 14 Hacking Wireless Networks.pdf
16.CEHv9 Module 15 Hacking Mobile Platforms.pdf
17.CEHv9 Module 16 Evading IDS, Firewalls, & Honeypots.pdf
18.CEHv9 Module 17 Cloud Computing.pdf
19.CEHv9 Module 18 Cryptography.pdf


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